Better late than never

I'm a bit behind with the blogging, aren't I? This is because I went to visit my dad last weekend and this weekend has been Easter. Not that Easter affects me at all; I don't celebrate it in any way whatsoever. Nope, not even with chocolate.

This one goes out to all the long distance runners

Even though I've not updated the blog for a fortnight or so, you can probably guess what I've been up to. Yep, running! March has been my most runnery month to date - I ran 47 miles in total. I've done two seven mile runs since I last blogged. This blows my mind. When I started running I could never imagine running that far in one go. I must keep telling myself this every time I have an oh-fuck-I'm-doing-a-half-marathon-in-September moment.

I've been trying to slow my pace down and I've been mostly successful in this, but there's still been a couple of what should have been easy runs where I've slipped from an easy pace into a moderate one. I need to not do that. If I'm heading out for an easy run, then an easy run is what I must do.

Abingdon sheep

When I visited Dad, I got to run somewhere different. I did 5km down by the river in Abingdon, which was absolutely lovely. There were sheep, boats, and grass. Running on grass is weird. It's boingy and it slows you down. My running shopping list is so long it's ridiculous, but I really have to get some trail shoes so I can do more trail type running.

I've got my 10K in Southampton this month. I realised this week that it's the same day as the London Marathon. The one time I've actually really wanted to watch the London Marathon coverage on the telly I'll be running my first proper race. Annoying but cool, and hey, I have Sky+ capabilities so all is not lost.

I've only been swimming once in the past couple of weeks but I'm hoping to go again on Thursday. I still need to crack this breathing thing because I want to go to the lido when it opens in May, and that mother is 91.4 metres long. I reckon that requires efficient swimming.

I got a fab cookery book this week. It's The Vegetarian Athlete's Cookbook by Anita Bean, and I like it because it contains no Quorn or faux meat recipes. (I cannot bear the stuff.) It's got some lovely recipes in it as well as lots of fantastic nutrition advice and information.

Running Tune of the Week
I'm Always Here by Jimi Jamison
(This is the Baywatch theme tune and putting it on my running playlist is probably the best decision I've made so far this year.)