Change of plan

For about a fortnight, life got in the way of my running and various things (theatre lighting, terrible hayfever, work, blah blah blah) meant I couldn't get out and run when I'd intended to. I'm just about getting back into a regular running routine now.

Post-run knackered on the lawn

I took the break in my usual running routine as an opportunity to switch from the My ASICS half marathon training plan I was using to a Garmin one. The My ASICS one was great but I wanted to make some adjustments to it but found that I couldn't because ASICS are in the process of shifting over to Runkeeper and as such some of the technical features for training plans have been disabled. I don't want to pay a monthly subscription to keep the My ASICS training plan so instead I decided to try out one of the Garmin plans that I have access to on Garmin Connect. I'm glad I did because it's definitely more my thing. The Garmin plan seems to put the emphasis on running time and heart rate zones and is not as concerned with distance and pace like the ASICS one was. It's also got a wider variety of runs including intervals and fartlek, so that will keep things interesting.

Long run Sunday

I've only done a couple of runs from the new plan but I love the way it's made me more relaxed about running. As I've said before, it's so easy to get caught up in overthinking distance and pace and I don't want to do that. I have nothing to prove to anybody and I'm not competing against anyone else. Instagram's constant barrage of posts concerning motivation, statistics, comparisons and accountability (the absolute worst) do my head in. If you like all that, groovy, but I do this running thing because I like it. It's a nice thing in my life and I refuse to fall into that trap of making it a chore or a Thing I Must Do because everyone ends up resenting those things, don't they. The Garmin plan I'm using means I'll be running fewer times a week – 3 instead of 4 – but that gives me the flexibilty to add another run in here or there if I feel like it, or to get back to swimming occasionally. I stopped going swimming as the ASICS plan was leaving me no time or energy for it which is why I wanted to alter it in the first place.

Post-run absolutely gimassive orange

The only thing with the Garmin plan is that it's telling me that my easy pace should be in heart rate zone two. Well, that's not happening. My normal walking rate is in heart rate zone two so either Garmin thinks I'm really fricking unhealthy and incapable for my age and sex, or my heart is malfunctioning. I'm inclined to go with the former theory. My resting heart rate is good and low and my VO2 Max is apparently 'excellent' so I shall follow that age-old advice of 'listening to my body' and my easy pace will be the 'you are able to hold a conversation' pace that I've read about umpteen times.

Running Tune of The Week
The Greatest Show from The Greatest Showman soundtrack