Long time, no type. Not had much to report, really.

But last Sunday I ran my  half marathon!

I'd been training for it for about three months and all went according to plan. I ran it in 2:35 exactly and I had no problems, injuries or race-related badness. Bonus! I also raised £363 for Make-A-Wish so that was excellent. Huge thanks to everyone who donated.

Obviously, since training for the half and now having run it, people keep asking me when my next half is or when I'm going to do a full marathon.

I have no plans to run another half and I certainly have no ambition to run a full marathon.

I know that 'NEVER AGAIN!' is a very common runner reaction to longer races but apparently most people end up booking another, longer race by the following day.

Not I.


Because I didn't love that distance; I enjoyed the challenge of it, sure, and I really liked the feeling of achievement after long training runs and the race itself, but I didn't LOVE it.

Anything past ten miles bores me.

There, I said it.

I love running, I do. I love the way it makes me feel but for me, those long runs get tedious as fuck.

When discussing this with my sister, I likened running long runs to eating risotto. Risotto is nice. It often sounds tempting on a menu (and as a vegetarian, it's sometimes the only warm meal option on a menu) and yes, it can be delicious, but risotto is very samey. You get the dish of it and you start to eat it and you're like 'Oooh, this is nice!' and you have a few more forkfuls but the thing is, you've not got interesting otherfoods, like chips or a salad or a bit of coleslaw or some onion rings on your plate to liven it up a bit, and you start to get weary of it. You just have one seemingly endless pile of risotto to get through. You hit a point where you just want the risotto to end and you sort of regret ordering the risotto but you battle on and you finally finish the sodding risotto and you say to yourself 'I'm never ordering risotto again!'

That's me and the long runs.

I run because I love it. Not because I have stuff to prove to myself, or to get faster and faster, or to constantly push my body and its limits. I know that some people run for those reasons and groovy for them – whatever lights your candle – but it's not for me. I run for fun and for the way it makes me feel.

It's also for these reasons that I've backed away from my Instagram running account. I follow some wonderful people on there (Shonaface, Shales and Toby – I'm looking at you) but I feel that on the whole, I don't fit in there. I'm absolutely fine with that, by the way; I've spent my whole life being a bit weird and never really quite fitting in anywhere. I can't do the whole inspirational, emotional, transformational, constantly-striving-for-progress thing that 80% of my running feed seem to do. For me, running is just running. My non-running account followers will just have to put up with the occasional running post.

I've not run since my half. I was going to go for a run on Thursday but my internal womangubbins had different pain-based plans so I'll hopefully get out for a little run tomorrow. I have no races booked and no training plan to follow. For the foreseeable, I'm just going to run when I want to, for as long as I feel like. I'll still throw the occasional long run in there but probably nothing over ten miles.

This post probably sounds a bit mopey and miserable, but I promise you, I feel neither of those things. It's just me voicing how I've come to work out where exactly I sit on the running spectrum, and I'm pretty sure I'm in the 'It's Just Running, Innit?' section, and that is utterly fine by me.